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What is the difference between email and webmail ?

Nowadays you can not ignore it to have an email address. However, you will come across two terms when you want to create mail. You come across the terms emailmail and webmail. These are two forms of mail with an essential difference. We explain the difference to you and we also explain how you can read the two types of mail.

Create and read email

E-mail is a way of receiving e-mails that usually works via the provider of your internet services. A mail provider will always create one or more mail addresses that you can organize yourself. In a number of cases, an email address is already linked to your subscription, which consists of a combination of, for example, your name and your year of birth. That is an email address that you can use in the form of an “alias”. You can use this alias address as your final email address, but you can also give it your own name. This will then take the form of a description such as “mail from ……..” But it is also possible that you can enter a completely new email address yourself.


If you want multiple addresses

There are also providers who offer you multiple email addresses with a subscription. If you have several housemates, it is a good idea to create your own email address for each family member. If this is not possible because there are not enough email addresses available, you can always solve it with the second option: webmail. You can read normal e-mail via the mail program that is installed on your computer. That is the place where you read the mail. The mail is in your part of the server of your mail provider. That also makes the big difference between e-mail and webmail. You will always find e-mail on the server of your internet provider, but not webmail.

Create and read webmail

Webmail is a type of mail that you can create in unlimited quantities. Free examples are Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL Mail. You can easily use webmail if, for example, you want to create an email address for a specific activity such as a club or a festival. In addition, you can easily use a webmail account when you need it for study purposes. That has to do with the way you read webmail. The name says it all. It concerns mail that is not sent to you via a server. You can read your mail on the internet. You can read your webmail on almost any computer. The big advantage of this is that you are not tied to your own computer at home. You can access your mail at school, in the library and at any public computer. In addition, you can easily use webmail if you want to be able to read it via your mobile phone.