Bethlehem Nursery School Ms J Mallon 516 Ravenhill Road Belfast BT6 0BW 640406 Maintained Nursery
Cathedral Nursery School Mrs U Barr 45a Albert Street Belfast BT12 4HB 439340 Maintained Nursery
Christian Brothers School Mrs B Farrimond Glen Road Belfast BT11 8BW 808050 Maintained Secondary
Corpus Christi College Mr F Maskey Ard Na Va Road Belfast BT12 6FF 245645 Maintained Secondary
Cranmore Integrated Primary School Mr W Doherty 47 Finaghy Road North Belfast BT10 0JB 664410 Grant Maintained Integrated Primary
De La Salle College Mrs C White Edenmore Drive Belfast BT11 8LT 90508800 Maintained Secondary
Hazelwood College Mrs K Gormley 70 Whitewell Road Belfast BT36 7ES 774202 Grant Maintained Integrated Secondary
Hazelwood Nursery Unit Mrs P Murtagh 242 Whitewell Road Newtownabbey BT36 7EN 028 90770421 Grant Maintained Integrated Unit
Hazelwood Primary School Mrs P Murtagh 242 Whitewell Road Belfast BT36 7EN 028 90770421 Grant Maintained Integrated Primary
Holy Child Nursery School Mrs L Mallon 40 Slievegallion Drive Andersonstown Belfast BT11 8JP 627732 Maintained Nursery
Holy Child Nursery Unit Mr M Shortt South Green Belfast BT11 8JF 90614823 Maintained Unit
Holy Child Primary School Mr M Shortt South Green Belfast BT11 8JF 614823 Maintained Primary
Holy Cross Boys' Primary School Mr K McArevey Brookfield Street Belfast BT14 7EX 351032 Maintained Primary
Holy Cross Girls' Primary School Mrs M McNally Ardoyne Road Belfast BT14 7HZ 391771 Maintained Primary
Holy Cross Nursery School Mrs N Gallagher Butler Walk Belfast BT14 7NZ 745672 Maintained Nursery
Holy Family Nursery School Miss C McGranaghan (Acting) 27 Baltic Avenue Belfast BT15 2HR 351552 Maintained Nursery
Holy Family Primary School Miss S McQuaid 14 Newington Avenue Belfast BT15 2HP 351023/4 Maintained Primary
Holy Rosary Nursery School Mrs C McGrenaghan Sunnyside Crescent Belfast BT7 3DB 491314 Maintained Nursery
Holy Rosary Primary School Mr P McAllister 70 Sunnyside Crescent Belfast BT7 3DB 491817 Maintained Primary
Holy Trinity Primary School Mrs F Boyd Monagh Road Belfast BT11 8EG 616465/612266 Maintained Primary
John Paul II Mr R Hunter Whiterock Road Belfast BT11 7FW 320565 Maintained Primary
Little Flower Girls' School Mr J McKeever 71a Somerton Road Belfast BT15 4DE 370647/370665 Maintained Secondary
Malone Integrated College Ms M Thompson 45 Finaghy Road Belfast BT10 0JB 381988 Grant Maintained Integrated Secondary
Matt Talbot Nursery School Ms R Ward New Barnsley Green Belfast BT12 7HS 321997 Maintained .
Mercy College Mr M Moreland Ballysillan Road Belfast BT14 7QR 391769 Maintained Secondary
Mercy Primary School Mrs E Loughran 614 Crumlin Road Belfast BT14 7GL 391670 Maintained Primary
Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School Mr S Merrick Park Lodge 700 Antrim Road Belfast BT15 5GQ 370686 Maintained Primary
Our Lady's Nursery School Ms D Walsh Deanby Gardens Belfast BT14 6NN 351978 Maintained Nursery
Our Lady's Primary School Ms O O'Dowd Deanby Gardens Belfast BT14 6NN 746325 Maintained Primary
Sacred Heart Boys' Primary School Mrs P Quinn 31/51 Oldpark Avenue Belfast BT14 6HH 740521 Maintained Primary
St Anne's Primary School Mr M Keenan Kingsway Belfast BT10 0LE 615414 Maintained Primary
St Bernadette's Nursery School Mrs Roisin Cassidy Glenalina Road Belfast BT12 7JG 328601 Maintained Nursery
St Bride's Nursery Unit Mr P Carswell Derryvolgie Avenue Belfast BT9 6FP 90381020 Maintained Unit
St Bride's Primary School Mrs M R Quinn Derryvolgie Avenue Belfast BT9 6FP 381700 Maintained Primary
St Clare's Nursery Unit Mrs C White 288 Cupar Street Belfast BT13 2LJ 90326010 Maintained Unit
St Clare's Primary School Mrs C White 323 Cuper Street Belfast BT13 2SE 90330852 Maintained Primary
St Genevieve's High School Ms M Smith Trench House 87 Stewartstown Road Belfast BT11 9JP 90925670 Maintained Secondary
St Gerard's School & Support Services Mrs S McIntaggart Blacks Road Belfast BT10 1NB 90600330/90600113 Maintained Special
St John the Baptist Primary School Ms J Chapman Finaghy Road North Belfast BT11 9EH 614546 Maintained Primary
St Joseph's College Mrs M McGurran 518-572 Ravenhill Road Belfast BT6 0BY 491280/491474 Maintained Secondary
St Joseph's Primary School [Holland Dr] Miss F McKinley 31a Holland Drive Belfast BT5 6EH 650039 Maintained Primary
St Joseph's Primary School [Slate] Miss M Weir Slate Street Belfast BT12 4LD 323683 Maintained Primary
St Kevin's Primary School Miss F Keegan 446 Falls Road Belfast BT12 6EN 326791 Maintained Primary
St Louise's Comprehensive College Ms M McHenry 468 Falls Road Belfast BT12 6EN 325631/323719 Maintained Secondary
St Malachy's Nursery Unit Mr B White Eliza Street Belfast BT7 2AT 90235968 Maintained Unit
St Malachy's Primary School [Eliza St] Mr D Flynn Eliza Street Belfast BT7 2BJ 327460 Maintained Primary
St Maria Goretti Nursery School Mrs M Murray Whiterock Gardens Belfast BT12 7PS 234882 Maintained Nursery
St Martin's Nursery School Miss M L Boyle Monagh Link Turf Lodge Belfast BT11 8EJ 622235 Maintained Nursery
St Mary's Nursery School Mrs S Hoy 822 Shore Road Belfast BT36 7DG 774302 Maintained Nursery
St Mary's Primary School (Divis St) Mrs M Harbinson Divis Street Belfast BT12 4AL 248519 Maintained Primary
St Mary's Star of the Sea Primary School Mr K McGarry 730/760 Shore Road Belfast BT15 4HL 370023 Maintained Primary
St Matthew's Nursery Unit Mr J McGuinness Seaforde Street Belfast BT5 4EW 90457885 Maintained Unit
St Matthew's Primary School Miss A Browne Seaforde Street Belfast BT5 4EW 457885 Maintained Primary
St Michael's Nursery School Mrs C McAllister 2 Stewartstown Road Belfast BT11 9JP 431040 Maintained Nursery
St Michael's Primary School Mrs B Finn 514 Ravenhill Road Belfast BT6 0BW 491529 Maintained Primary
St Oliver Plunkett Nursery School Mrs Ellen Farren Glen Road Belfast BT11 8AY 600529 Maintained Nursery
St Oliver Plunkett Primary School Mr P McCabe Glen Road Belfast BT11 8AY 806777 Maintained Primary
St Patrick's College [Belfast] Ms P Stuart Bearnagheeha, 619 Antrim Road Belfast BT15 4DZ 770011/2 Maintained Secondary
St Patricks Primary School Mrs J McAuley (Acting) 9-25 Pim Street Belfast BT15 2BN 351206 Maintained Primary
St Paul's Nursery Unit Mr C O'Doherty Amcomri Street Belfast BT12 7NE 249559 Maintained Nursery
St Paul's Primary School Mr S McNamee 34-36 Mica Drive Belfast BT12 7NN 328968 Maintained Primary
St Peter's Nursery School Mrs R Mallon Servia Street Belfast BT12 4EJ 246675 Maintained Nursery
St Peter's Primary School Mr V Green Ross Road Belfast BT12 4JD 242271 Maintained Primary
St Rose's Dominican College Miss G McCallion (Acting) Beechmount Avenue Belfast BT12 7NA 240937 Maintained Secondary
St Teresa's Nursery School Mrs C Evans 24 Bernagh Glen Glen Road Belfast BT11 8HR 616944 Maintained Nursery
St Teresa's Primary School Mr T Rodgers Glen Road Belfast BT11 8BL 611943 Maintained Primary
St Teresa's Speech and Language Centre Miss N Campbell - Teacher in Charge Glen Road Belfast BT11 8BW 431871 Maintained Special
St Therese of Lisieux Primary School Mrs P Reid 472 Antrim Road Belfast BT15 5GF 770215 Maintained Primary
St Vincent de Paul Nursery Unit Ms B McVeigh 167a Ligoniel Road Belfast BT14 8DP 90717920 Maintained Unit
St Vincent de Paul Primary School Ms B McVeigh 167A Ligoniel Road Belfast BT14 8DP 717920 Maintained Primary
St Vincent's Centre Mr J McAuley - Teacher in Charge 6 Willowfield Drive Belfast BT6 8HN 461444 Maintained Special