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Sacred Heart Boys' Primary School BT14 Maintained Primary
Scoil an Droichid BT7 Irish Speaking Primary
Scoil an Droichid Nursery Unit BT7 Irish Speaking Nursery Unit
Seaview Nursery Unit BT15 Controlled Nursery Unit
Seaview Primary School BT15 Controlled Primary
Springfield Primary School BT12 Controlled Primary
Springhill Primary School BT13 Controlled Primary
St Anne's Primary School BT10 Maintained Primary
St Bride's Nursery Unit BT9 Maintained Nursery Unit
St Bride's Primary School BT9 Maintained Primary
St Clare's Nursery Unit BT13 Maintained Nursery Unit
St Clare's Primary School BT13 Maintained Primary
St Dominic's High School BT12 Voluntary Grammar
St John the Baptist Primary School BT11 Maintained Primary
St Joseph's Primary School [Holland Dr] BT5 Maintained Primary

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