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Cliftonville Integrated Primary School BT14 Controlled Integrated Primary Email : Cliftonville Integrated Primary School (info@cliftonville.belfast.ni.sch.uk)
Cliftonville Nursery Unit BT14 Controlled Nursery Unit No Email Address
Cranmore Integrated Primary School BT10 Grant Maintained Integrated Primary Email : Cranmore Integrated Primary School (info@cranmore.belfast.ni.sch.uk)
Currie Primary School BT15 Controlled Primary Email : Currie Primary School (info@currie.belfast.ni.sch.uk)
Donegall Road Primary School BT12 Controlled Primary Email : Donegall Road Primary School (info@donegallroad.belfast.ni.sch.uk)
Dundela Infants' Nursery Unit BT4 Controlled Nursery Unit No Email Address
Dundela Infants' Primary School BT4 Controlled Primary Email : Dundela Infants' Primary School (info@dundela.belfast.ni.sch.uk)
Edenbrooke Primary School BT13 Controlled Primary Email : Edenbrooke Primary School (info@edenbrooke.belfast.ni.sch.uk)
Elmgrove Primary School BT5 Controlled Primary Email : Elmgrove Primary School (info@elmgrove.belfast.ni.sch.uk)
Euston Street Nursery Unit BT6 Controlled Nursery Unit No Email Address
Euston Street Primary School BT6 Controlled Primary Email : Euston Street Primary School (info@eustonstreet.belfast.ni.sch.uk)
Fane Street Nursery Unit BT9 Controlled Nursery Unit No Email Address
Fane Street Primary School BT9 Controlled Primary Email : Fane Street Primary School (info@fanestreet.belfast.ni.sch.uk)
Finaghy Primary School BT10 Controlled Primary Email : Finaghy Primary School (info@finaghy.belfast.ni.sch.uk)
Forge Integrated Primary School BT7 Controlled Integrated Primary Email : Forge Integrated Primary School (info@forge.belfast.ni.sch.uk)

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