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Giro D'Italia - Risk Assessment15 April 2014
Pre-School/Primary 1 Admissions - September 201404 April 2014
Support Gary’s School Run in aid of the NI Children’s Hospice02 April 2014
Children’s Laureate wows Belfast pupils26 March 2014
Appointment of members to the Belfast Education and Library Board19 March 2014
Schools urged to get involved with the Young Social Innovators project11 March 2014
Minister praises Matt Talbot Nursery School07 March 2014
Nursery pupils give healthy eating the taste test at Fleming Fulton23 January 2014
Work begins on new Victoria Park primary School06 December 2013
Grosvenor Grammar’s Guys and Dolls a huge hit12 November 2013
BELB post-primary schools Open Days/Evenings 201405 November 2013
Reconstitution of Board of Governors 2013-201725 October 2013
Prestigious ICT Marks for Grosvenor GS and S Bride’s PS21 October 2013
Belfast City Council back Bloomfield Collegiate Young Social Innovators14 October 2013
Pre-School/Primary Enrolment - September 201411 October 2013
NISCA welcomes Food In Schools policy27 September 2013
Busy year for eco-pupils in BELB schools31 July 2013
Minister says ‘arrivederci’ to City of Belfast Youth Orchestra23 July 2013
New speech and language learning support centre at Currie PS03 July 2013
Annual Area Profile for Primary and Post-Primary Schools27 June 2013
Hazelwood College is crowned ‘UK Champions in the Global Rock Challenge’20 June 2013
G8 Summit Information: Updated 8.15am 17 June13 June 2013
Dancing Schools comes to Belfast11 June 2013
Vote for Orangefield PS’s Enda Campbell for PTA Volunteer of the Year30 April 2013
Primary SCHOOL PLACES AVAILABLE FROM 18/04/2013 (SEPTEMBER 2013 INTAKE)18 April 2013
Pre-School Places Available From 10/04/2013 (September 2013 intake)11 April 2013
Draft BELB Area Plan for Primary Education08 April 2013

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