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Nettlefield PS pupils go to the wall for fun facts on Titanic

Nettlefield PS pupils go to the wall for fun facts on Titanic

A “unique, fun learning resource” inspired by the city’s links with the Titanic has been unveiled at an east Belfast school by Lord Mayor Alderman Gavin Robinson.

Pupils at Nettlefield Primary School worked with the local Ravenlink Residents’ Group to create a mosaic of the famous ship made up from different photographs, each with a Titanic connection.

“Last year’s primary seven pupils sourced 100 images and 100 facts about the Titanic with help from the Ravenlink Residents’ group, and from researching the internet during ICT lessons. The photographs were then made into a mosaic,” explained Judith Acheson, Extended Schools Coordinator at Nettlefield PS.

“Each photo corresponds to one of the facts listed at the side of the mural – every picture on there has a story to tell. The finished artwork is used as a unique, fun learning resource about the world’s greatest liner.

“The children have great fun matching the stories to the pictures and learning about their own local history. We certainly feel that it adds something special to our playground.”

BELB Extended Schools Manager Bernie Mooney added: “This is a fantastic project and I congratulate everyone involved for such an innovative and imaginative piece of work which will inform, educate and entertain pupils, parents and families for generations to come.”

The project was funded by the Belfast City Council in conjunction with Titanic Belfast.