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Parents keeping PACE with children’s learning

Parents keeping PACE with children’s learning

Parents from throughout Belfast have gone back to the classroom to keep ‘PACE’ with their children’s journey through school.

The Parents as Co-Educators (PACE) course was completed as part of the Our Shared Vision Programme which supports parents and children in five pre-school setting throughout the city.

The course was aimed at parents of young children to support them in their learning experiences in nursery and primary school and was coordinated by the BELB’s Joanne Sweeney of the Our Shared Vision programme.

“The Our Shared Vision project aims to meets the needs of parents with pre-school children. Each nursery setting has a Family Learning Worker who supports parents through their child’s their child’s health and educational development,” said Joanne.

“Parents and carers are the primary educators in a child’s life. Participants on the course came to recognise that being learners themselves can make a very positive contribution to how their children view lifelong learning and to raising the aspirations of their children.”

The course is accredited by the Open College Network and delivered by Belfast Metropolitan College (BMC). Parents received their certificates at a ceremony on Wednesday morning.

“Parents came from all over Belfast with different cultural and educational experiences but with the common commitment to supporting their children’s education through family learning,” said Belfast Metropolitan College tutor Geraldine Monroe.

“We learnt about a variety of ways to help children with their literacy and numeracy skills, coming to terms with phonics, target sounds, and the language of maths. Over the weeks the participants came to appreciate the importance of family learning and how valuable intergenerational learning can be, turning a visit from granny and granddad in to a lesson.”

Funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Live and Learn programme, the Our Shared Vision project is a partnership between the BELB, Whiterock’s Children’s Centre, Edenderry Nursery School, Arellian Nursery School, Our Lady’s Nursery School and Inner City South Belfast Surestart.

Trevor Moore, BMC Curriculum Area Manager added: “Family learning is a core plank of community education and courses are designed for adults who would like to know more about how they can support their child’s learning at home and support the work the child is doing at school. BMC is delighted to be working in partnership with the BELB and with schools, pre schools and nurseries.”