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St Kevin’s pupils on a Titanic science mission

St Kevin’s pupils on a Titanic science mission

Belfast may be building to a Titanic year of celebration but the pupils from St Kevin’s Primary School have gone back to basics as part of National Science and Engineering Week.

For the West Belfast school’s Young Scientist Exhibition, pupils constructed a model of the famous Belfast-built liner to show just how the Titanic came to rest at the bottom of the ocean.

The theme of National Science and Engineering Week is ‘World in Motion’ and pupils from Years 3-7 showcased their projects which are all linked to the STEM subjects (Science, technology, engineering and maths).

“What more topical subject for a Belfast school than the Titanic? Several of the groups made models of the famous ship to demonstrate in a practicable way just how the unsinkable sank,” said exhibition coordinator Donna Devlin.

“The pupils have really challenged themselves for this exhibition. The Titanic was just one of the topics that caught the children’s imagination. There are subjects from plant growth, building bridges to the use of gravity all explored under the World in Motion theme.”

National Science and Engineering Week shines the spotlight on how STEM subjects relate to our everyday lives and helps to inspire the next generation of scientists with fun activities.

“The STEM subjects are vital to the country’s economic development and through events like St Kevin’s Young Scientist Exhibition, young people can experience first hand their relevance in everyday life,” said Dr Gill Humes, BELB Science Adviser.

“Judging by the exhibits, the pupils at St Kevin’s have been inspired by the STEM subjects. Their innovation and creativity on a wide range of subjects is clear to see. They have conducted some fantastic experiments which develop their investigative and problem-solving skills and will hopefully stoke their interest in science in future years.”