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The Roles and Functions of the Belfast Education and Library Board The Belfast Education and Library Board was established in 1973 as the local authority responsible for education, youth and library services within the city. The board is committed to providing a quality education, library and youth service which contributes to life-long learning for all the people of Belfast. In order to achieve this, the board undertakes a range of duties and services through its five departments. The education department is responsible for:

  • Curriculum advice and support service for teachers
  • Education psychology service
  • City of Belfast School of Music
  • Education welfare service
  • Special education
  • Youth service

The technical and services department is responsible for:

  • Maintenance, development and cleaning of board properties
  • Health and safety
  • Recruitment, training and staff welfare
  • School transport and meals service
  • Student loans and grants

The finance department is responsible for:

  • The administration of the board’s budget

The libraries department is responsible for:

  • A library service to members of the public and schools
  • Communication and information services

The chief executive’s department is responsible for:

  • Internal audit