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  1. Youth Service Training Booklet 2014/15 [ 254KB ]
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As part of the youth service strategy for developing people and community capacity building, the youth service department have committed to a training programme for young people, part-time youth workers and interested adults from local communities.  Full details of current courses can be found in the Youth Service Training Booklet 2010/11 (see above).

Training includes both accredited and non-accredited programmes but all ultimately lead to a raising of standards of youth work practice within both the statutory and voluntary sectors.  Youth work addresses social needs principally through programmes of personal and social development and it is important that workers are suitably trained to meet these needs. 

Course eligibility

The 2014/15 training programmes are open to all youth groups registered with the Belfast Education and Library Board’s youth service.  All applicants must:

  • be over 18 years of age*
  • be vetted through Access NI for child protection purposes
  • have at least 6 months current experience of working with young people in a board registered youth group.

The overall aim of the youth service training programme is to provide an opportunity for individuals from youth organisations to enhance their skills in working with young people.  The youth service does not provide organisational training as such.  Generally, no more than two applicants from any one organisation will be accepted onto the same course.

The role of the supervisor/line manager

All courses require the recommendation/approval of the applicant’s supervisor/line manager. Provision is made for the recommendation of the line manager on the course application form. Access to a course will be denied without it.

The role of the supervisor/line manager providing support for the learner is vital to the learner’s success. The supervisor/line manager may be required to provide written testimony as to the learner’s ability in relation to his/her youth work practice or to make written comment on the learner’s course work as it relates to projects to be undertaken by the learner.

Please note that the person recommending an applicant must assume this role when it is required by the learner.

Course fees

The course fee should be paid prior to the course commencing. The board can invoice either the individual or the organisation recommending the applicant for the course.  It is important that indication is given on the application form as to whom the invoice should be sent.

Course viability

A minimum number of 15 applicants are required for a course to be viable. If a course does not meet the required number then it may be deferred until a later date.