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Voluntary youth groups

Voluntary youth groups fall into 3 main categories, those that receive:

1. No assistance in the payment of staff salaries.
2. Assistance in the payment of part-time salaries.
3. Assistance in the payment of full and part-time salaries.

The board will denote which category of assistance may be offered to your group.  All offers of assistance are subject to annual review and require annual registration on the NIYSA form.  Non-return of the form by the given date will result in the withdrawal of support.

Criteria used in reaching a grant aid decision
  • Needs analysis of the area.
  • Profile of youth population.
  • Profile of current service delivery in the area.
  • Profile of local area.
Monitoring of the group / project prior to approval

Applications must include:

  • A clear statement of purpose with emphasis on youth work in line with youth service policy.
  • The specific aims and objectives of the project.
  • The management structure and the group’s constitution.
Local community involvement in the project including the participation of young people
  • In the management of the project.
  • Staffing.
  • Evaluation and monitoring process.

The project must indicate the process by which it will evaluate its work.

Acceptance of board assessment

The project must be open to the system of ongoing board monitoring and assessment based upon the agreed aims, objectives and quantitative targets.

Financial accountability

The project must have a clear system of financial management that must be consistent with the administrative requirements of the board.

Annual review / registration

All offers of assistance are subject to annual review and require annual registration on the NIYSA form (details advertised in local press February / March).

Support services for voluntary youth groups
  • Initial application for registration - NIYSR
  • Annual renewal of registration - NIYSA
  • Application for camp / holiday grant YS10
  • Application for use of minibus MB1
  • Assistance with hire of transport YS12
  • Assistance with purchase of equipment YS16
  • Assistance with contribution towards use of premises YS17
  • Assistance with youth group’s minibus running costs YS17-2
  • Assistance with running costs of group’s own premises YS22
  • Application for part-time courses (see TRAINING)

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