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In 2007 a Revised Curriculum was introduced for Primary Education in Northern Ireland by the Department of Education.

Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage builds on the good practice in nursery schools, classes and playgroups. During the Foundation Stage, teachers will be able to teach at a pace which is developmentally appropriate for very young children, with a strong emphasis on play-based learning, personal, social and emotional development and language development  

Key Stage 1 and 2

Key Stage 1 covers Years 3 & 4, whilst Key Stage 2 covers Years 5-7. Pupils are encouraged to make connections in their learning and see the relevance of what they are studying.

There is an increased emphasis on Personal Development across the curriculum. Skills and capabilities are developed throughout all six Learning Areas (The Arts, Language and Literacy, Maths and Numeracy, Personal Development, Physical Education and The World Around Us).


The Revised Curriculum Primary [ 980KB ]

Understanding the Foundation Stage [ 704KB ]

Additional Foundation Stage resources from the Council for Curriculum Examination & Assessment (CCEA)

Learning through Play in the Early Years [ 5.2MB ]

Learning Outdoors [ 3.1MB ]

Learning through Play at Key Stage 1 [ 2.7MB ]

Additional resources from the Council for Curriculum Examination and Assessment  (CCEA) for Key Stages 1 and 2


There is support available for whole school issues eg School Self-evaluation, School Development Planning and The Use of Data.


Every School a Good School [ 707KB ]

Together Toward Improvement - Primary [ 2.5MB ]

School Development Planning Guidance

DENI Circulars on Benchmarking, Target setting and School Development Planning :

Benchmarking [ 98KB ]

Target Setting and School Development Planning [ 82KB ]

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