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Assessment for Learning

The revised Northern Ireland curriculum embraces the principles of Assessment for Learning (AfL) and puts them at the heart of the learning and teaching process in both primary and post-primary schools. Assessment for Learning will be an important part of the training for the revised curriculum during this school year.

For more information on assessment for learning click the link below.

What is Assessment for Learning all about?

Curriculum Leaders

The professional development resources in this section were presented during the Revised Curriculum professional development seminars for curriculum leaders in Autumn 2006.


  1. Main presentation [ 606KB ]
  2. Activities [ 37KB ]
  3. Card sort [ 23KB ]
  4. Traffic lights / pupil learning log [ 19KB ]
  5. Mindmap [ 627KB ]
  6. Carol Dweck summary [ 81KB ]
Whole school professional development

Professional development for all staff is currently underway and will run from January 2007 to June 2007. Teaching staff will receive one day professional development on Assessment for learning.

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