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Service Standards

If your child is referred to the Educational Psychology Service we promise to meet the following standards:

  • You will receive an information booklet about the psychology service when your child is referred to us

  • This information will be clear and will be available in alternative formats or in minority languages to meet the needs of those people who are not fluent in English

  • We will conduct your child’s assessment within a timescale agreed with the school or the person who referred your child to us

  • After we first see your child we will offer to meet with you at an agreed time and location

  • As part of the assessment we will take careful account of information and opinions provided by you

  • If your educational psychologist visits you at home he/she will carry identification

  • We will explain clearly the assessment and review procedures and how your child performed during the assessment

  • We will give helpful advice

  • Within six weeks of the completion of the assessment period we will arrange for you to receive a copy of a clearly written report

  • In the information booklet we will explain how you can make further contact with your educational psychologist

  • All enquiries will be dealt with politely and promptly in accordance with the Belfast Education and Library Board standards

  • We will act in accordance with the guidelines governing child protection, data protection, and freedom of information, as described in the Belfast Education and Library Board standards

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