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What does the Educational Psychology Service do?

The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) assists schools in identifying the special educational needs of young people who may be having difficulties in school and by providing advice to teachers, parents and others on the type of special help a child may need in order to learn more effectively.

Educational Psychologists are also trained teachers who have substantial experience in working with children and young people. They have been vetted to work with children and they receive training in child protection.

Educational Psychologists can help by:

  • Assessing difficulties through testing, observation and discussion with the child, teachers and parents
  • Helping schools implement the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice
  • Giving advice to teachers and parents
  • Providing counselling and guidance for the child
  • Arranging extra support for the child in school (e.g. an outreach teacher to help with learning or behavioural difficulties)
  • Recommending statutory assessment (or “statementing”)
  • Contributing to reviews of the child’s progress
  • Providing information and training for schools on particular issues and how children may be supported
Costs of Service

The running costs of the Educational Psychology Service amount to £1.3 million per year. The service is free to all users.

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