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Communities in Schools

The aim of Communities in Schools is to enable pupils to maximise their potential as a contributing and valued member of society by empowering them to make positive choices for their futures by the connection and co ordination of the range of existing statutory and voluntary services and resources in their communities acting with, and in support of, pupils and their families " CIS Mission Statement.

Communities In schools (CIS) is a major new BELB interagency initiative to address the educational, health and emotional needs of young people set within the broad context of community regeneration.

The pilot programme is based in 6 post primary schools in North and West Belfast .It provides a range of co ordinated non academic services delivered at the school to support the pupils and their families Embodied in the mission statement is the commitment to empower young people to maximise their potential and make positive choices about their futures by connecting them to support and resources in their community.

The programme acts as a bridge between the community and the schools by developing partnerships with statutory and voluntary agencies and community groups.

The programme is one of the North and West Belfast Health Action Zone priority schemes.

The programme is managed by Bernie Mooney Bernie.mooney@eani.org.uk