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Welcome to Induction and Early Professional Development. A new regional web site has been set up for Induction and Early Professional Development teachers and Teacher Tutors in Northern Ireland. This web site aims to provide you and your schools with important information and support materials on each stage of the Early Teacher Education Process.

This includes:
- Information on how to register for Induction and EPD
- Details of what you have to do to successfully complete Induction and EPD
- Important Induction and EPD Forms
- Information on Induction, EPD and Teacher Tutor Courses
- Contact details for the BELB and regional Induction and EPD teams in the other ELBs

Click on the link below to access the new website:


Induction, EPD Teachers and Teacher Tutors in the BELB area can access additional support materials by clicking on the images below:
Induction EPD
Teacher Tutor Learning and Teaching
Web Links News and Views
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