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Welcome to the Education Departments information page

The primary function of the education department is to support those seeking to improve children and young people's learning in both formal and informal settings. It seeks to achieve this by ensuring that the 5 strategic themes, which underpin the board's corporate plan, are realised. The activities, which contribute to those themes, are reflected as priorities in the education department's annual buisness plan.

The department comprises 3 service areas:

  • Curriculum Advisory and Support Service
  • Pupil Services
  • Youth Service

Each area is equipped to provide high quality expertise on a broad range of services. In order to ensure a co-ordinated and consistent delivery of all education services to schools, the education department, in consultation with schools and other educational partners, has developed a Learning Strategy. This strategy is now a central aspect of the board's coporate plan. The strategy is underpinned by a set of principles reflecting widely accepted values as to what education is all about.

It lays down a framework for action designed to provide a common focus across the 3 service areas of the department and it identifies structures which involve working in partnership with other statutory and voluntary agencies, schools, parents and young people themselves. You can access all these service areas and documents online. I trust you find that the information on offer is relevant to your needs.