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Community Relations, Equality and Diversity in Education (CRED)

Brigid Murray
Adviser Environment & Society
02890 564054

What is CRED ?

Education has a key role to play in building a fair and prosperous society in Northern Ireland. We need to prepare children for living in an increasingly diverse society where citizens from all backgrounds are valued and where opportunities are open to all. The Community Relations, Equality& Diversity in Education Policy (CRED) was launched in March 2011. The main aim of the policy is to:

contribute to improving relations between communities by educating children and young people to develop self-respect, respect for others, promote equality and work to eliminate discrimination.

The Department of Education, through its Community Relations, Equality and Diversity policy and strategy, aims to ensure that every child in Northern Ireland, in the age range 3 to 25 in the education and youth sectors, should grow into adulthood

  • understanding and respecting the rights, equality and diversity of all;
  • having the skills, attitudes and behaviours that enable them to value and respect difference and engage positively within it;
  • confident in their ability to relate to others from different cultures;
  • skilled at engaging constructively in sensitive conversations, articulating their own views and beliefs and listening to others;
  • knowledgeable about their own cultural background and that of others in Northern Ireland;
  • recognising the rights of all as equal citizens;
  • prepared for a changing and diverse society in which confident adults engage, learn from and trust one another as members together of a shared society.
  1. CRED Policy [ 160KB ]
  2. Awareness Raising - Presentation [ 808KB ]
  3. Positive Images - Presentation [ 5.8MB ]
  4. CRED Circular [ 77KB ]
  5. CRED Circular - Irish [ 77KB ]
  6. CRED Guidance Notes [ 694KB ]
  7. CRED Guidance Notes - Irish [ 692KB ]
  8. CRED quality indicators [ 118KB ]
  9. CRED quality indicators - Irish [ 692KB ]
CRED Enhancement Scheme 2012-13

Each year schools can apply for funding for projects which contribute to meeting the aims and objectives of the CRED policy. The details of the online application form and guidance notes are now available on the regional website www.credni.org

Date for your diary

Thursday 23rd August 2012 RTU Summer School, Stranmillis University College.

1 day course for teachers on CRED. Further details available from www.rtuni.org course number 69 The course will provide information on CRED, showcase project work from four schools and introduce a number of educational partners who can support schools in education for diversity.

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