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  1. About the Resource
    This report gives an account of behaviour in schools based on national evidence and provides an analysis of behaviour in a range of educational settings based on visits by Ofsted. The settings included early years provision, mainstream and special schools, pupil referral units, secure training centres and colleges.
  2. Learning Behaviour, Alan Steer Report
    The Group identifies aspects of practice that create the right conditions for learning good behaviour. It also offers practical examples as to how this can be achieved. These include examples of effective school-leadership, pupil-support systems and liaison with parents and outside agencies.
  3. Improving Behaviour
    This report is based on the progress made in 2005 and 2006 by secondary schools which had been judged to have unsatisfactory behaviour following routine institutional inspections. Her Majesty's Inspectors' monitoring visits to these schools tell a good story. Schools can reduce low-level disruptive behaviour in a reasonably short time using simple strategies, if everyone uses them.
  4. The Extra Mile
    This publication focuses on children whose families have been poor for generations. Families who often live in neighborhoods characterised by high crime levels, educational underachievement, low skilled, poorly paying jobs and poor health. It looks at ways of raising the aspirations of children from deprived communities, and engaging them in their education.
  5. Behaviour4learning
    The site provides access to the research & evidence base informing teacher education. All materials are quality assured through a rigorous process of academic scrutiny and monitoring undertaken by a team of expert teacher educators.
  6. SEBDA
    For over fifty years, our multi-professional Association (Charity Number 258730) has represented the 'behaviour', disaffection and mental health difficulties field at regional and national level, contributing to government consultations and to research initiatives.
  7. Barnardos
    Charity organisation offering advice and support on parenting, bereavement etc.
  8. Teachers TV
    Based on TV channel – offers advice on all areas of teaching and is supported by resources, videos and guidance material.
  9. Circle Time
    Home page for the company run by Jenny Mosley, specialising in Circle Time training and resources.
  10. Index of Behaviour Problems
    An index of common behavioural problems and tips/strategies for managing them.
  11. ADHD
  12. BELB Guides to ADHD :

    ADHD A Practical Guide for Parents and Carers [ 881KB ]
    ADHD A Practical Guide for Schools [ 4.3MB ]

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