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Behaviour Support Team

The Behaviour Support Team is a multidisciplinary team made up of experienced practitioners from the areas of:

  • Teaching
  • Education Welfare
  • Educational Psychology

The Behaviour Support Team (BST) was established as one of the Belfast and Education and Library Board’s responses to the document Promoting and Sustaining Good Behaviour: A Discipline Strategy for School (DENI 1998). The working objectives identified by DENI include:

  • Assisting schools in the development and implementation of whole school systemic approaches designed to develop their capacity to promote positive behaviour and the emotional well-being of pupils and staff;
  • Supporting schools in drawing up and implementing policies in the area of behaviour, whole school discipline policy, anti-bullying policy, safe handling policy etc
  • Assisting with the planning, organisation and presentation and delivery of training for social emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD), both centre and school based at all key stages.
  • Providing general guidance and specific advice and support in the use of appropriate classroom management skills to meet the needs of children who experience SEBD (classroom management training, critical incident training, suicide prevention, attachment disorders etc);
  • Supporting training for beginning teachers during induction and early professional development
  • Developing and providing accredited training for classroom assistants in the area of SEBD
  • Providing immediate advice and information to help teachers deal with specific problem situations;
  • Encouraging parental involvement in supporting good behaviour in schools;
  • Establishing links with relevant agencies (CIDS, Save the Children, Contact Youth, NSPCC, HAZ,CAMHS Regional Development Group, Integrated Development Fund (IDF),Neighbourhood Renewal, Renewing Communities, PEHAW etc);
  • Developing greater links between existing behaviour services (EDB outreach service, Oakwood Support Service etc) and maintaining an overview of existing SEBD provision
  • Developing initiatives/pilot projects aimed at working with children/young people who are experiencing SEBD through the allocation of ear marked funding.
  • Working alongside CASS in helping to raise standards in identified schools through Achieving Belfast Initiative.

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