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OCNNI Classroom Assistants Training
OCNNI Classroom Assistants Training

( BELB Classroom assistants only )

Classroom assistants (CA) require a wide range of skills and knowledge in order to support SEN pupils particularly staff working with pupils exhibiting challenging behaviour. In response to considerable demand from schools, the Behaviour Support Team is continuing to deliver a training programme on ‘Positive Behaviour Management’ for classroom assistants working in mainstream, special and cross phase schools.

The training is delivered through 2/3 full day training courses. A total of 196 assistants across Belfast have been trained to date (2008-2009).

Accreditation for the course is being provided by Open College Network which is supported by QCA.  It is currently worth 30 credits at Level 2 ability. There will be a fee of £30 for each participant.  This fee is for the accreditation from Open College Network N I only. 

These courses have been highly valued by both the assistants attending and their managers and if you wish to attend forthcoming training courses please be aware that there is currently a long waiting list for primary training.


  1. Primary CA Assignment [ 121KB ]
  2. Post Primary CA Assignment [ 123KB ]

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