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Child Protection

Child Protection Support Service for Schools

Child Protection

The CPSSS has been developing as a regional service to schools and children since April 2006. Jointly funded by the Department of Education and the five Education and Library Boards, it is based within the Education Welfare Service under the managerial responsibility of the Chief Education Welfare Officer.
Role of the Child Protection Support Service for Schools
To support Designated Teachers for Child Protection (DTs), their deputies (DDTs) and principals in schools in their safeguarding role by means of:

  • A telephone helpline through which the DTs, DDTs, principals and governors receive advice and guidance on concerns about individual children and on wider policy and training matters.
  • Initial training
  • Refresher training
  • Cluster group support
  • Support visits to schools
  • Guidance and assistance in the assessment and management of risk to individual or groups of children
  • Dissemination of new information and guidance via email
  • Support in developing or reviewing the school’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Follow up to ETI inspections where safeguarding and child protection is identified as an area for improvement.

Child protection information for parents can be found on the parent section of this website.

Child protection information for teachers can be found on the teachers section of the website.

Child protection information for governors can be found on the governors section of the website.

The CPSSS also has responsibility for the management of child performance licences, child employment permits and matron/chaperone approvals. All documentation and information relating to this is on the home page of this website.